After a target is hit by a weapon, or is inflicted some other type of damage, one must check if the target has sustained any harm.

Armour coverageEdit

First and foremost, the attacker must check if jis or hers attack was blocked by the victim's armour.

Compare the amount the attacker succeeded in the to-hit roll with the Coverage value of the armour. If the latter is smaller, ignore 50% of the AC the armour provides. If the coverage value is two time smaller, completely ignore any AC.

Dealing damageEdit

The amount of damage the victim receives is calculated using this formula:

(STR) (for melee) + Weapon damage - AC

Don't forget to add the damage bonus in case of a critical hit.

Subtract the result from the target's Health Points.

Inflicting injuriesEdit


  • Don't forget you can use 3 AP to perform a focused attack - the extra to-hit chance can help the attacker to surpass the defender's Armour Coverage, thus reducing his or hers AC, and in turn allowing to deal extra damage.